Here is your added value

EPIDAURUS defines itself by the expertise of its highly skilled doctors, therapists, consultants and trainers of various disciplines that work closely together. This highly efficient network allows you to individually tailor your health management, the diagnosis process and treatment and care. We offer this optimal service on a highly professional level.

For you, this means:
  • Full body treatment
  • Quick results
  • Traditional and complementary medicine under one roof
  • Interdisciplinary concept development in diagonsis and treatment
  • Optimum scientifically validated therapeutic strategies
  • High quality with less waiting time.
  • Personal and discreet service
  • Minimal time required with maximum information
  • Quick, uncomplicated recommendations to specialists and or partners
  • Special opening times
  • Private atmosphere

The EPIDAURUS team maintains a high working standard, without all the bureacracy that comes with maintaining a clinic. Organisational and logistical procedures are kept simple in order to offer compact and comprehensive programs that are of high quality with minimum effort on your part.

The equipment and facilities available to EPIDAURUS and the highly qualified team allow for international stardards, appropriate to the medical care field, to be met.