Already from the first telephonic conversation or through your online investigation at info(at) , we can clarify the respective inquiries or the selected 'Check-up' program. In addition, you are allowed to request all the necessary information for your appointment in advance, and it will be sent to you by post.

In order to prepare ourselves for your visit and to use your time as efficiently as possible, we would send a medical history form to you in advance and ask you to take the time to fill it out carefully and send it back to us. In doing so, this allows our team to evaluate the initial create the initial risk profile.

At the initial meeting with your appointed doctor, coach or therapist, it is our goal to get to know you and establish a foundation of trust. Taking into consideration our first consultation your medical history and the information that was given on your medical form, we will then discuss our recommendations with you.

It is not important to us to carry out all the tests that are possible, rather to focus on the ones that are most necessary and which will allow us to reach our goal quickly and effectively.

Immediately after the tests have been concluded, the doctor, together with his collegues, will evaluate the results. In conclusion, based on the results, we will then give you a detailed report on the state of your health. If results require further treatment, we will then assist you in the development and implementation of a personalised treatment plan.

Finally, you will receive a personal folder with the test rests and personal recommendations