Program for private clients

The right thing for each person - Not every client has the same requirements or expectations. Therefore we offer a selected range of health care check-up programs. The check-up programs not only differ in concept but also in the depth of the examinations. We are happy to help you choose the appropriate program.


Basic health care check-up

Simply let yourself be checked out. The basic check-up is the perfect program for anyone who wants peace of mind that everything is ok.

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Managers check-up

For executives and freelancers who are under severe work stress and want to prevent a burn-out situation.

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Prevention of heart attack

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Germany. Nearly all heart attacks are the result of the closure of the coronary vessels (Atherosclerosis). Through the examination, we can determine how high your risk factor is.

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Stroke prevention

Through the stroke prevention examination, we can carry out a thorough risk profile after the evalution of all the treatable risk factors

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Osteopathic check-up

During the Osteopathy check-up, conventional medicine is used in combination with the Osteopathy system of therapy and medicine.

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Orthopeadic consulation

Through interdisciplinary collaboration with basic Orthopeadics and Osteopathy, posture analysis is performed.

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Prevention of Thrombosis

The thrombosis check-up is aimed at estimating the risk of thrombosis, and allows, if necessary, appropriate precaustion to be taken.

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Medical advice for travel

Prior to long-distance journeys, information on country specific vaccinations should be obtained and then the relevent physical examinations carried out and the vaccinations received.

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Fitness check-up

This check-up is for those of you who, before starting their personal training plan, would like to ascertain their physical boundaries or for sports people who are in doubt of their own level of fitness and would like to optimize their training plan.

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Check-up for Divers

Globally, at the request of the Divers Association, diving schools and owners renting diving equipment require from each diver, proof of a completed diving course which must include a fitness test

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