Therapeutic and health-related services

The majority of our clients leave EPIDAURUS with the peace of mind, knowing that they don't have any serious illness. We recommend that you take the examination results regarding a change of lifestyle to heart, that is why we are there to offer our support to you.

The basic prerequisite for the successful development of an individually tailored concept, is the communication between the patient and the therapist. This concept, developed together with you, will incorporate your everyday private and professional lives and will allow you to work actively on your course of treatment.

You can book the therapeutic and health promoting services as individual courses as well as part of a package.


Osteopathic therapy (duration 1hr)


Osteopathy, when translated, is composed of the two Greek words osteon and pathos. Osteon means : block of living matter. This includes bones, soft tissues, internal organs, myofascial tissue, veins, arteries, etc. Pathos means: strong emotional response, which is expressed outwardly.  
Osteopathy describes the diagnostic and therapeutic approach. The traditional osteopath does not focus so much on the symptoms, instead, he tries to identify the cause of symptoms, and the health potential in patients. In addition, he then carries out a thorough manual examination while simultaneously assessing the situation for holistic solution. The body is thereby perceived as a dynamically functioning network system, and as being diverse in threefold: Mind, Body and Soul.

This form of treatment is derived from a detailed collection of results that detects the imbalances in the organ systems and treats this disorder either simultaneously or subsequently. Through this method of treatment, the therapist usually uses his hands to remove blockages in the body. By doing this, deep rooted structures of the body, which may be the cause of the illnesses, can be treated.

Shiatsu (Duration 1 hr.)


Shiatsu, a holistic treatment method native to Japan, has it roots from traditional Japanese medicine. In Japan, Shiatsu is one of the most popular ways to stay healthy and fit.
According to the philosophy of traditional Japanese medicine, all of life is based on the knowledge of Ki. This energy flows through energy channels ( meridians ) in the body and nourishes the systems and organs. If this energy is allowed to flow freely, we can be physically, mentally and emotionally balanced and happy.
However, if the body is put under too much stress or due to other factors creates energy blockages, this can result in discomfort which will lead to prolonged illness and disorder.
The Shiatsu treatment is carried out by applying pressure along the meridians, and is stimulated and harmonized on certain points of the flow of energy. This 'pressure' in the meridians, is applied by fingers, palms or even elbows, knees and feet. This is done without the use of any other aids.
In contrast to acupuncture or other acupressure techniques, Shaitsu does not only treat single points, it rather takes the entire meridian into consideration.
Since energy disorders can be detected very early, long before they manifest as 'diseases', the Shiatsu treatment serves primarily as the preservation of health. However, is it also effective if there is already a disease present in the body. It supports the self-healing powers of the human, the body's immune system becomes activated and positively affects the internal organs in their entirety.

Nutritional advice

Price on request

Our diet, has a significant influence on our health, and therefore also on our performance.
Hence, our nutritional advice is aimed both at clients who would like to reduce their weight as well as those who would like to maintain a balance diet giving their body healthy energy or for those who would like to reach particular athletic goal.
Which diet is the best for you?
In order to make this decision, a thorough analysis of your eating habits will be done. Based on the results of this analysis, we will work together on a developing a strategy to implement these dietry changes that can be easily intergrated into your personal and professional life. Through this, you will find that a healthy diet is not necessarily associated with abstainance or cravings, but that it can be fun and can lead to an increased sense of well-being.
In order for the change in diet to have a long-term impact on your physical performance and mental stamina, it is especially important to ensure that the change in your eating habits is slow and gradual.

Personal training

Price on request

Our personal training offers you a program that is flexible in terms of time and location and is tailored to meet your individual needs. Therefore giving you an affordable opportunity to foster your health and prevent illnesses.
It is up to you, whether you would like to improve your endurance, strengthen your back, train your cardiovascular system or reduce your weight.
In order to achieve the maximum results, we will be sure to create a workout plan that meets the needs of your physical condition, your personal goals and your real-life circumstances.

At the beginning, a comprehensive check-up will clearly show where your potential lies, what releases your pressure, what makes you feel better, what relieves your pain and how to reach your goal. The so-called 'inner couch potatoe' is able to experience it's personal moment of triumph only when exercise is enjoyable and a workout is perceived as beneficial experience to look forward to.

Coaching programme(Duration: 1.5 - 2 hrs)  


This is a developemental-related form of counseling that is specifically and concretely aimed at increasing self-management skills ( self-motivation ) as well as overall management skills ( motivating other people )

Supervision (Duration: 1.5 - 2 hrs)


This is a more reflective form of counseling for all professional groups working in a team with more or less difficult clients, ie (?) staff who are worn out / are at the risk of getting sick because of being constantly required to play ' little games '. Due to this, some stressful relationships are 'brought to light' and good people skill strategies are developed.